G1 MadmansParadise Planetary Corridor CB311B4

Planetary Corridor CB311B4 is a location on the planet Cybertron which contains an empty alley but actually possesses a secret passageway to an ancient Quintesson room which was in use during the race's control of the planet. The room possesses a dimensional gateway where Quintesson criminals were banished to other worlds.


Cartoon continuity

Daniel and Grimlock entered the corridor and accidentally opened up a secret passageway to an old Quintesson room where exiles were sent to other dimensions. After accidentally stumbling into the room, mainly because of Grimlock, the two ended up in Menonia, again because of Grimlock.

When Blaster, his cassettes, Ultra Magnus, Perceptor and Carly went to find them they discovered the corridor. Rewind had the corridor in his databanks but had no recorded usage of it as it was pre-Autobot. Madman's Paradise

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