The Polyhex Decepticon stronghold is a fortress in the Marvel Comics UK portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Decepticon summer home.

After the destruction of Darkmount, what was left of Lord Straxus was moved to a location elsewhere in Polyhex, an unnamed Polyhex Decepticon stronghold. It was here that Straxus, reduced to a head in a jar, restored his vows to crush the Autobots and all else who stood in his way.


Marvel Comics UK

Megatron immediately made his way there after arriving on Cybertron, suggesting he already knew about it - Straxus was not happy to see him, nor find out that he'd brought Optimus with him. The Harder They Die!

Megatron continued to stick around for the duration of his stay, until Straxus finally got fed up and tried to possess his mind. It went badly, instead causing a mentally unstable Megatron with an identity crisis running around the stronghold. When Optimus and Ultra Magnus stormed the building to get Megatron and he began retaliating with his anti-matter powers, Ratbat had the three of them teleported to Earth before they destroyed the building. Resurrection!

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  • It's hard to tell, but judging by the view in the giant window in Straxus's chamber, it's possible that the Polyhex Decepticon stronghold is within distance of the ruins of Darkmount and the yet-unrepaired Space Bridge. The art is not conclusive enough to say for certain.