Sparkplug invented a laser-operated toothbrush for Transformers that was portable.

However, Transformers don't have teeth![1]

That wacky Sparkplug!


Find Your Fate Junior

AOTD Starscream kidnapped Sparkplug to re-create the Sun-Pak he had developed for the Autobots. Starscream ordered Bombshell to inject a cerebro-shell into Sparkplug to ensure his cooperation.

However, the injection damaged Sparkplug's memory, and he couldn't remember how to build another Sun-Pak. After months of diligent work, he produced a portable laser-operated toothbrush, and the Decepticons threw him out to wander back to his family.

That wacky Sparkplug!


  1. This is not true in every continuity, but it is in this one.

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