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Power Core Combiners is a line of Autobots and Decepticons that can combine with drones. The line also features Mini-Cons able to be used by the Scout-sized "Commanders", in any of the four ways: as a partner of the Commander, a weapon, an armor, or as a vehicle weapon. There are two type of products in this line: Commander 2-packs, in which a Commander is partnered with a Mini-Con, and the Combiner 5-packs, in which a Commander figure is in charge of four Legends-sized drones that can combine with either their own Commander or a Commander from another 5-pack team, as well as with 2-pack Commanders. Once a drone links up with a Commander once he has transformed into Combiner Mode for combination, the drone auto-transforms into a limb. When a Mini-Con links up with a Commander who has transformed into Power Core Combiner Mode with four drones, the Mini-Con generally works as armor, extension-wise, to further enhance the powers of the Commander even more.

The Mini-Cons in this line may be more powerful than normal Mini-Cons, as they serve to transform into an extension for the Commander, which means that the Commander's overall power may increase twice, once for Power Core Combination, and again for the Mini-Con's armor mode. The Commander's power increases four times for Power Core Combination, once for each drone, which means the Commander's power changes 5 times.

It is possible that the Commander, the drones and the Mini-Cons may all be powerhouses boasting great power that lies dorman and which awakens through combination.


Wave 1
Commander 2-packs
Combiner 5-packs
Wave 2
Commander 2-packs
Combiner 5-packs
Wave 3
Commander 2-packs
Combiner 5-packs
Wave 4
Commander 2-packs
Wave 5
Commander 2-packs


  • The third wave is mostly comprised of repaints of the previous figures from wave 1, with the Mini-Cons and drones being swapped/shuffled around (see pictures below) for variety. Only Steamhammer and Grimstone (with their respective drones) are original figures.
  • Crankcase's drone team are named "Destrons", the Japanese name for Decepticon, as no appropriate name for the drones was thought up that would suit, and as such, the line was forced to resort to "Destrons".
    • Ironically, the name "Destrons" identifies their faction and Crankcase's.

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