Power Cycle is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.

"Decepticons! ...Hey kid, you'd better let go of my forehead."

Power Cycle is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, hidden deep in a puzzle. His motives and personality are never clear to those around him, and some speculate he could even be the prototype of a Powermaster Transformer. He's rarely seen without a human companion to aid in unlocking his transformation, and to help provide locomotion. Maybe one day Power Cycle will open up and explain his origins and inner machinations.

Until then, fight on brave Power Cycle.


Tyco Power Cycle commercial

Power Cycle and his human rider came across a Decepticon assault for energy at a local power plant. After narrowly escaping a blast from Megatron, the duo launched into an amazing counter-attack. A second laser blast came from a large red foe, but failed to hit its mark. Power Cycle and his rider proceeded to return fire at more attacking bad guys. The duo drove them off and saved the day single handedly. Converting to cycle mode before a passing human arrived, the duo remained incognito in their secret war against the forces of evil.


Power Cycle is a "Big Wheel" tricycle that "transforms" by flipping out arms from the handle bars and folding up a face panel in between them.

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