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This article is about the Decepticon Micromaster. For his Japanese Autobot counterpart, see Power Punch (ROC).
Power Punch is a Decepticon Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.


Power Punch is utterly loyal to his combiner partner, Direct-Hit, and serves as his second-in-command on the Battle Squad. This loyalty blinds him to Direct-Hit's shortcomings as a leader, so he blames the team's poor performance on the other members.

French name (Canada): Coup Dur


Generation One

  • Battle Squad (Micromaster Combiner Squad, 1990)

Samus is that you?

Power Punch transforms into a powder-blue wheeled vehicle with a huge cannon on its top. He is intended to be the rear half of a cannon transport, which he forms with his combiner partner Direct-Hit, but can, of course, be connected to any other Micromaster Combiner or Combiner Transport.
Direct-Hit was only available in a six-pack with his squad mates Direct-Hit, Half-Track, Fireshot, Meltdown and Vanquish.
This toy was released without changes in Takara's Return of Convoy line as the Autobot Crane Cannon W Team's Power Punch.

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