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Power bonds are a device from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Used to house captives, power bonds are restraining devices used by both the Maximals and the Predacons. They release some form of energy which restrains the Transformer.


Beast Wars

Power bonds were used by Ravage when he held Megatron prisoner. When he instructed the computer to release Megatron, the power bonds seemed to fade away. The Agenda (Part 2)

After the end of the Beast Wars, Megatron was strapped to the hull of Autobot Shuttle Omega Delta using power bonds for the ride back to Cybertron. Nemesis Part 2

Beast Machines

While exploring Tankor's memories, Rattrap (who believed he was viewing his own) saw that Megatron managed to rip free of the power bonds during transwarp, causing him to return to Cybertron prematurely, take over the planet with the Vehicons, and steal the Sparks of all the Cybertronians. Revelations Part II: Descent Nice job, whoever tied him down.

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