The Predacon computer is a device from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Bw01 predaconcomputer

The Predacon computer controls the systems of the Darksyde, the ship that serves as headquarters to Megatron's band of Predacons. Although artificially intelligent, with several specific purposes such as analyzing, diagnosing, computing and system controlling, it lacks any personality or emotion, not to mention a spark. Each Predacon is equipped with an onboard computer of the same type.[1]

Japanese name: NAVI-ko (ナビ子)
Note: The Predacon computer was highly re-worked for the Japanese dub of the Beast Wars cartoon. It was given the voice of a playful woman, and acts considerably affectionate toward Megatron, calling him cute nicknames (such as "Mega-chan") and planning his meals.


Beast Wars cartoon

Voice actor: Carol Savenkoff (English), Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese)

The Predacon computer is Megatron's assistant whenever he has some evil plot until the Darksyde was blown up by the arrival of Tigerhawk. Other Victories Ravage had the same voice for the computer on his cruiser. The Agenda (Part 2)


  • Ko (子) literally means "child" in Japanese. It's a common character used in Japanese female names.
  • In the infamous Polish version of Beast Wars, which filled with errors and name translations, Predacon computer is shown to have some sort of self-awarness and is capable to discuss with Megatron. For example, when Predacon leader asked about Energon on the planet, the computer replied "Yes, there is", instead of "confirmed", and seconds later when Megatron proclaimed his satisfaction of this fact "Yes! There is Energon!", the computer replied "Even too much". Seriously, and you thought Japanese dub was bad enough?


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