The name Prime can refer to a Matrixload of different things.


The rank Prime, held by many characters, generally bearers of the Matrix of Leadership.

Matrix bearers

  • Prime Nova, a past Matrix bearer first mentioned in the Generation One Marvel comics.
  • Nova Prime, his more grammatically correct counterpart in the IDW comic continuity.
  • Sentinel Prime, another past Matrix-bearer established by more or less every publisher of Generation One comics.
  • Alpha Prime, yet another past Matrix-bearer, this time apparently exclusive to Dreamwave Generation One comics.
  • Guardian Prime, one more past Matrix-bearer, also foisted upon us by the Dreamwave Generation One comics.

Schmucks too good for disco

  • Longarm Prime, the Autobot intelligence officer disguise of Shockwave from Transformers Animated.
  • Prime is also the Japanese name for Armada Sparkplug, who hung on to the Matrix after Armada Optimus Prime died.


Fictional stories

Several stories contained the word "Prime".


  • Prime Target, in which a hunter was targeting Optimus Prime, who has the Matrix.


  • Prime Time!, an issue of the Marvel Comics Generation One comic book in which Optimus Prime gets back the Matrix.
  • Prime Directive, a six-part Dreamwave Generation One miniseries which has a bunch of Autobots reactivated by the Matrix.

In addition, there is Prime Spark, a prose story in which Armada Optimus Prime, who happens to be a Matrix-bearer, meets some other Transformers named Optimus, including Generation One Optimus Prime, who also happens to be a Matrix-bearer.


What it is not

By the Matrix, Prime should not be confused with:

  • Prima, the first Matrix-bearer.
  • Primon, because there just aren't enough past Matrix-bearers on this page.
  • Primus, Transformer God, who made the Matrix.

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