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Let's see what you can see...

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Specifics: covers
Transformers: Generation One: Prime Directive > Issue #3
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Spike acts whiny, Transformers do what Transformers do, Lazarus goes heavy metal, and Hallo drops a bomb.


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Writers: Chris Sarracini
Pencils: Pat Lee
Inks: Rob Armstrong, Erik Sander, Ferdinand Poblete
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia
Colors: Ramil Sunga, Gary Yeung, Alan Wang, Talent Pun
Flats: Kenny Li
Letters: Dreamer Design

  • Originally published: June 5, 2002
  • Chronology: Modern era

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


  • None yet identified.


  • None yet identified.

Items of note

Covers (2)

Let's see what you can see...

This article is in need of images.

Specifics: alternate covers

all covers by Pat Lee

  • Cover A: Autobots
  • Cover B: Decepticons


  • Battle of the Blade #1
  • Shidima #5
  • Armada #1
  • Titan Books G1 reprints
  • Devil Hunter Yohko DVDs
  • Darkminds: Macropolis #4
  • Warlands: Age of Ice #7
  • Shidima #5 (again)
  • Dinobots poster
  • Transformers T-shirts
  • Armada #1 (again) (back interior cover)
  • Armada poster (back interior cover)
  • Prime Directive #4 (Autobots and Constructicons covers) (back interior cover)
  • Generation One calendar (back interior cover)
  • Armada calendar (back interior cover)
  • Armada 2002–2003 calendar (back cover)

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