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The Vok return to Earth to continue the battle against Tarantulas' evil.

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Primeval Dawn, Part 1

Story and Script: Bob Forward
Art: Dan Khanna
Lettering: Richard Starkings and Comicraft
Editors: Rob Gerbracht, Jon Hartman, Dan Khanna

  • Originally published: 2001


On prehistoric Earth, the Vok return to find the Beast Warriors departed, only remnants of their war left behind. They use the Matrix from Optimus Prime, the Transmetal 2 Driver, and the control suit to create Primal Prime, then recreate Airazor and Tigatron as Transmetals. Tarantulas and Ravage have both been revived from the dead and are making a new army of Predacons.



Items of note

  • The "datasphere" is the Transmetal Driver, last seen when Blackarachnia was converted to a Transmetal 2.
  • Primal Prime's frame is the converted exo-suit used by Quickstrike in "Master Blaster".

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