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Primus is a character who has appeared in Primax 785.06 Alpha media with many different names. He was originally known as The Oracle and was Primacron's assistant. After Unicron rebelled against his creators, the Oracle became Vector Sigma, the super-computer of the Quintesson factory planet Seibertron with the ability to give robots sentience. He remained as Vector Sigma for most of the civil wars that followed the Slave Revolt.



The Oracle's essence escapes following Unicron's attack.

Oracle COTP thumb

The Primitive Transformers of 2010 encounter the Oracle

Primus was originally known as The Oracle, an ape-like being who was the assistant of ancient genius, Primacron. The Oracle possessed the power to bring robotic beings to life, and hence played an important role in Primacron's experiments. Those experiments, however, eventually resulted in the creation of Unicron, who turned on his creators and destroyed the Oracle's body in the course of his attack. The Oracle's essence persevered, however, and, encased within a protective shell, fled to a dead planet at the center of the galaxy. However, he could sense that in the future, Primacron would go on to create another great threat to the galaxy; Tornedron, and so he summoned the Primitive Transformers of the future through time and space instructed them on how to destroy the threat. Call of the Primitives

In time, the Quintessons immigrated to the Oracle's planet, which he had transformed into a verdant green world, and the aliens were able to take control of him, turning him into the super-computer Vector Sigma and obtaining the shell that had held his essence, which went on to become the Matrix of Leadership. Using the power of the Key to Vector Sigma, the Quintessons transformed the Oracle's green planet into the metallic Seibertron, and used his shackled life-giving powers to give sentience to their robotic slaves, the ancestors of the Transformers.[1]


Seeking to combat the Cybertron's rule of the roads, Megatron created the Struntrons and brought them to Seibertron with the intent of having Vector Sigma give them personalities. Requiring Vector Sigma's activation key to bring the computer online, he stole it from Alpha Trion and successfully completed his plan. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1

In retaliation, Convoy constructed his own new team, the Aerialbots, but Megatron had already returned to Earth with the key still in his clutches, leaving the Cybertrons unable to reactivate Vector Sigma. As a first-generation product of Vector Sigma, Alpha Trion shared the mega-computer's computation matrix, and sacrificed himself by merging his lifeforce with it. This action reactivated the computer long enough for Convoy to instruct it to program the Aerialbots with life.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the key possessed another power—the bizarre ability to generate an energy beam that "de-energizes" organic matter, transforming it into lifeless metal. Megatron attempted to use this power to turn Earth into a new Cybertron, but his plans were thwarted and the key destroyed. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2


Three of Unicron's servants, the Sparkbots, co-opted the human singing group, the Kiss Players, into helping them gather up the scattered essence of their master following his destruction in 2005. The three girls - Marissa Faireborn, Atari Hitotonari and Shaoshao Li - were taken on a journey through space and time, and were tricked into believing that they were recovering fragments of the so-called "Allspark" from Cybertron leaders throughout history. The Oracle - by this stage calling himself Primus - was forced to intervene, appearing as a giant golden hand which began to steal away the fragments before the Kiss Players could gather them. Pursuing him across the multiverse, the Kiss Players collided with the Wall of Time and were scattered across dimensions.

While on an adventure through space and time, the singing group known as the Kiss Players - natives of the Primax cluster - were accidentally scattered across the multiverse, and found themselves in a universal stream in the Aurex cluster. Shaoshao Li and Zangetsu found themselves stranded on the surface of an alternate Seibertron, where they were menaced by Rumbles. Shao was rescued by Roots, who told her that she stood upon Primus himself. Shortly thereafter, with help from Vector Prime, the giant golden hand of the Primus from her native universe took her back home.

Primus rescued the girls that were in the Aurex cluster and revealed the Sparkbots' deception, before transforming into his "golden ark" mode (which Shaoshao thought looked more like a camper truck) to pursue the three villains back in time to prehistoric Earth. They arrived just in time to witness the Sparkbots' successful restoration of Unicron to life, but Primus transformed once more and unleashed the power of his mobile cannon platform, destroying Unicron's energy and sealing it and the Sparkbots deep within the planet. To ensure that Unicron would never be freed again, he created a mighty guardian, Brave Maximus, who would watch over it and the Earth. With the battle over, Shaoshao asked about the Kiss Players' future, but Primus did not reply. His work complete, the god transformed into a golden sphere and went to sleep.



Vector Sigma

When Convoy drained the energies of the Matrix to cure the Hate Plague, the release of that energy caused Vector Sigma to destabilize, threatening Seibertron with destruction. The Destrons—their forces bolstered with the recent addition of Headmaster warriors from the planet Master—sought to take advantage of the chaos that ensued, seeking to gain control of the unstable computer, thereby bringing Seibertron under their dominion again. Four Warriors Come Out Of The Sky


Vector Sigma's Chamber

Determined to save the planet at any cost, Convoy fought his way through the tunnels leading to Vector Sigma's chamber, led by the ghost of Alpha Trion, while Hot Rodimus and a group of Cybertron Headmasters began searching for the Matrix, which had been left on Earth to recharge itself using the planet's natural energy. The Mystery of Planet Master Although they were successful in their mission, and the Matrix was even recharged by Alpha Trion, they were not fast enough to re-stabilize Vector Sigma with it, forcing Convoy to sacrifice his life (again) by merging with the computer and restoring it to normal. A Dream is Born, Double Convoy

Not long thereafter, Vector Sigma began a series of experiments to create a new super-alloy. Soundblaster and his cassettes were able to penetrate Vector Sigma's chamber and learn of the experiments, which in turn prompted Galvatron to launch an all-out attack on Seibertron to secure the new alloy, Cybertonuron, for himself. Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1 However, Galvatron's ally, Headmaster leader Scorponok, was not enthused at the idea of Galvatron acquiring such a powerful weapon, and determined to keep the metal out both his hands and those of the Autobots through means most drastic—the total destruction of Seibertron itself. Powerful bombs were planted in Vector Sigma's chamber, and although the Cybertrons learned of the plot, they were unable to stop it, and Seibertron was reduced to a burnt-out husk. Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2

10,000 Years later

Voice Actor: Chie Hirano (Japanese)

Vector Sigma appeared to be in charge of Cybertron, in that it would give orders to the Maximal Elders which they in turn would carry out. It was under Vector Sigma's orders that Big Convoy was removed from solo warrior duty and placed in charge of a group of unruly Maximal new recruits. By means of Big Convoy's Energon Matrix, Vector Sigman would occasionally possess Big Convoy for a brief instant in order to give words of wisdom and encouragement to the Maximal new recruits. Big Convoy, initially very distant and anti-social, gradually became more compassionate as Vector Sigma's actions began to rub off on him.

After being resurrected by the Blendtrons, Unicron traveled to Cybertron with the intention of transforming it into his new body. He briefly achieved this goal by possessing Vector Sigma and overriding it. His scheme would have worked, however, he allowed himself to be lured out of Vector Sigma by Big Convoy, the Maximal recruits, Lio Convoy and Magmatron. Unicron underestimated their power and was destroyed. Now free, Vector Sigma oversaw the reconstruction of Cybertron by the united forces of the Maximals and the Predacons.


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