The term "Profile" refers to a specific format of biographical information about a Transformer following that established by the 1986 Transformers Universe comic book series from Marvel Comics (which in turn was based on the format of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.)

Profiles are distinct from the bios featured on Tech Specs or any other layout of character information in their standard format, including the character's name, affiliation (a) and sub-groups, and sections containing a biographical overview, abilities and weaknesses. Unlike many other character information formats, profiles feature no numbering system for rating strength, speed, rank etc. Unless you're a Transformers Collectors' Club free subscription toy, in which case, hey, the hell with tradition, you can have a G.I. Joe filecard instead!

Profiles concentrate almost exclusively to characters from the Transformers toyline, though a handful of exceptions to this rule exist.

Many fans attach a particular importance to Profiles because they often provide in-depth character information or background- "transforming" characters who may previously have been complete ciphers into distinct individuals.

Profile books

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Profile books have been published for the American Generation One toyline (twice,) Armada, and the Beast Wars franchise, which included characters from the two Japanese Beast Wars series Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo. An Energon profile book series was planned, but canceled due to Dreamwave's bankruptcy.

Approximately 1/3 of the Transformers franchise has received profile book treatment. Portions which have received no profile book treatment include several years of the European Generation One toyline, Generation 2. Machine Wars, Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise, Universe, Cybertron, the 2007 movie franchise and (thus far) Transformers Animated.

Other Profiles

Character Profiles are frequently included as extras or backups in comics, official fan-club or convention materials. Characters covered tends to be selective rather than encyclopedic.

Profiles outside of Profile books
Series Characters
Beast Wars
  • OTFCC Magazine #1
    • Dreadwind
    • Smokejumper
    • Megabolt
    • Jhiaxus
    • Optimus Prime (RiD, yellow)
    • Sunstorm (standard seeker)
  • Wreckers #2
    • Apelinq
    • Ramulus
  • Wreckers #3 SE
    • Catscan
    • Cryotek [1]
    • Cyclonus
    • Devcon
    • Glyph
    • Tap-Out
  • Universe #1 SE
    • Razorclaw
    • Reptillion
    • Rook
    • Roulette
    • Sideswipe
    • Snarl
    • Sunstreaker

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