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The name or term Quickstrike refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Quickstrike (disambiguation).

Unlike his brawling cousin Bulkhead, Quickstrike looks before he leaps. A strategic genius with a preference for quick, surgical strikes, Quickstrike never enters into a conflict without a plan of attack. Due to his value to the Autobot cause, Megatron has placed a price upon his head - but woe to any Decepticon who tries to collect.


Dreamwave Energon comic

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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During the Unicron Singularity crisis, Quickstrike served aboard the Autobot flagship Iron Hope. He was called into action during a Decepticon attack on the ship, and battled a trio of Decepticon jets alongside Skyblast, Overcast and the Sky Scorcher Mini-Con Team. Force of Habit



  • Bulkhead (Ultra, 2004)
    • Accessories: "Artillery drone", 4 missiles
A redeco of Energon Bulkhead in red, Quickstrike transforms into a large Cybertronic assault helicopter somewhat resembling an Apache. He has a double-barreled spring-loaded missile launcher on each stabilizer wing, plus pulling the trigger on his tailfin activates a gear that spins his rotor blades. Both gimmicks are available in robot mode, though the rotor mechanism becomes a hand-held weapon.
Quickstrike cannot Powerlinx with other Autobot toys; instead, his size-class' gimmick is to Powerlinx with extra parts for form a "brute mode". In this case, Quickstrike comes with an artillery drone that features electronic light-and-sound action. This drone can attach to the underside of Quickstrike's copter mode to form a sort of thruster pack. In robot mode, it forms a large backpack, with the thrusters unfolding to become large cannon/claw arms. These arms also become legs for the drone's "walker" mode, giving it something to do when not attached to Quickstrike.


  • Quickstrike's bio card artwork miscolors his right hip-mounted missile launcher as red with black missiles, but has the left launcher properly colored. In addition, despite his holding his rotor-weapon well behind him in that Dreamwave-typical "one hand thrust forward, one thrust back" pose, his rotor blades actually pass in front of his hip-mounted wing. To boot, the back-flung arm takes up about the same amount of space in the image as the one flung forward (perspective!), plus his spine appears to have snapped, with his cockpit-sternum pushed well back into the hip assembly.
  • His side-flap "brute mode" artwork is a simple color swap of Bulkhead's. This is in sharp contrast with fellow redeco-Ultra Landquake, who got entirely new "brute mode" artwork, not simply recolored Landmine art.

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