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Racer-Bot ALPHA is a Playskool Go-Bot in the Go-Bots continuity.

Racer-Bot ALPHA is a stylish speedster who doesn't mind tangling with the Go-Bots team. He and his brother are Go-Brillium test subjects, endowed with strange new powers like the Invisibility Force.




Racer-Bot Road Rally


Playskool Go-Bots

  • Racer-Bot ALPHA (Invisibility Force, 2005)
A clear-blue and black muscle car. In a bizarre series of events, this toy was originally scheduled for release in 2004, but was held back for unknown reasons. In early 2005, a redeco of this toy as Speed-Bot hit shelves. Racer-Bot ALPHA, however, didn't trickle out into stores until later that year, after the line had been cancelled.

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