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Rafael Esquivel is a human from Prime continuity family.

Raf Esquivel

Ratchet, after Raf yells for him to wake up.

—How is it that such small beings can be so loud?

Rafael "Raf" Esquivel a 12-year-old computer whiz. Raf comes from a very large family, as he is hardly noticed, so he hangs out with Bumblebee. Every morning, Bumblebee drives Raf to school. Ratchet comes to respect Raf rather than calling him a "fleshy", becoming actual friends who actively support each other in later episodes. He is the only human in the group who understands Bumblebee.


Prime cartoon

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Raf comes from a large family and hardly gets enough attention, otherwise living a normal life. All that changes one day as Raf is playing with an RC car when a teenager named Jack appears out of nowhere, riding a motorcycle, followed by two vehicons and the motorcycle, an Autobot named Arcee, engages them while Jack gets Raf out of harm's way. Just as Arcee starts to get her hands full, Bumblebee arrives, and accidentally crushes Raf's toy car under his foot. The vehicons take notice of the kids and one of them attacks them but they manage to escape into a tunnel too small for the cons to follow.

The next day, Raf meets up with Jack at school, who says they should just forget the whole thing happened when Bumblebee appears in vehicle mode, telling Raf to get in, and Raf is able to understand before he tells and points Jack to Arcee. Before Jack can stop him, Raf gets into Bumblebee and they drive off, followed by Jack and Arcee, as well as a girl named Miko who saw Arcee in robot mode.

They arrive at the Autobot Base in an old missile silo and bunker where they met the rest of the autobots: Bulkhead, Ratchet, and their leader, Optimus Prime. Optimus then educates the three kids of Autobots, their eternal foes, the Decepticons, and of the war between the two that ravaged their home world, Cybertron, for control of their world supply of Energon. They are on earth to protect mankind from the Decepticon threat, and they fear the cons' leader, Megatron, is coming. Optimus tells them as they are no aware of the existence of the bots and cons, so do the cons know of the kids, placing them all in danger when a man named Agent William Fowler arrives, not happy about the bots and cons activities. Optimus assures Fowler they will handle the threat but keeps the kids hidden from him. Fowler leaves, and Ratchet informs them he's detected the life signal of an autobot named Cliffjumper, who supposedly fell to the Decepticons. They lock onto Cliff's coordinates and use the Ground-Bridge to teleport to his location. While the bots are gone, Ratchet explains to the kids of the Ground-Bridge, and later experiences some bugs in the computers he's using, which are human technology, much to his chagrin. Raf helps him out, using his laptop to clear out the bugs, much to Ratchet's surprise.

When the Autobots come back, Raf, Jack, and Miko see the state the bots are in and realize how human they are. Optimus assigns three of the autobots to be the kids' protectors: Raf with Bumblebee, Jack with Arcee, and Miko with Bulkhead. The next day, Raf is playing video games with Bee before they head back to base whereupon Optimus leaves with Ratchet, telling Arcee she's in charge. Arcee, not wanting to play babysitter leaves on patrol with Bee and tells Bulkhead he's in charge. Not long after they take off does Fowler arrive and learns of the kids. He tries to take them into a federal custody but Bulkhead tells him off. But a while after Fowler leaves they get an SOS signal from him and realize if the cons have him they'll get the location of the Autobot Base out of him. Raf hacks into the feds mainframe to pinpoint Fowler's location via implanted microchip.

Bulkhead bridges to the location to rescue Fowler but Miko tags along, forcing Jack and Raf to follow.


Being a pre-teen and the youngest of the group, Raf is understandably timid but he is loyal and dedicated to the Autobots, especially his friend and protector, Bumblebee. When the situation calls for it, he can muster the courage he needs to complete the task at hand. His kind and pure demeanor has an effect on those around him, particularly the strict Ratchet, who states, when Raf is almost killed by Megatron, "[He has] grown to need him."


Despite his young age, Raf is a skilled computer expert, hacker, and well-informed of various subjects, which comes in handy from time to time for his friends and the Autobots, and he has sometimes assisted Ratchet in mechanical engineering while also using his hacking skills to delete pics or articles on conspiracy sites regarding the bots or cons. One of his crowning achievements was designing a source-code and virus for Ratchet to download into Laserbeak that copied the entire Iacon Database into the Autbots' computer mainframe, right under Soundwave's metaphorical nose, a feat of hacking for which Ratchet praised Raf as a genius.

On a side-note, he is the only human shown thus far capable of understanding Bumblebee.


  • He is able to provide Ratchet the technical support for human technical devices that Ratchet cannot develop and uses his technical knowledge to support the Autobots in their fight with the Decepticons.

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