Thunderwing's back, and he's not happy.

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Marvel UK issue #241

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Andrew Wildman
Lettering: Stuart Bartlett
Cover: Geoff Senior

  • Originally published: 28th October 1989


Thunderwing has finally surfaced from the waters, after being nearly cooked alive inside his own Pretender shell by the Autobot Headmasters. Blinded by fury, he begins striking out at everything around him looking for the Autobots who humiliated him, and even attacks a Decepticon shuttle coming to meet him. Ruckus and the other Decepticons approach him as representatives of the Decepticon High Council, informing Thunderwing that his bid for leadership is still under review, and he is asked to return to Cybertron for further deliberation. Instead, Thunderwing forcibly commandeers Ruckus and his crew for an assault on the Ark to gain revenge on those who dared harm him.

Featured characters



  • Thunderwing's rage stems from the incident in UK #231.

Items of note

  • Thunderwing totally kills those humans.
  • Chronologically, this story predates UK #232-233 and #240, which all show or reference Thunderwing having already achieved Decepticon leadership.

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