This article is about the Beast Wars Neo character. For the Go-Bots character, see Randy (Go-Bots).
Randy is a Maximal from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Randy is a powerhouse of a Maximal and a dedicated one at that. He can trample an enemy to the ground and then stamp them into the dirt. He is abnormally patient and can wait silently for days without even slightly getting bored. Randy is also honest to a fault, often blurting out truths that others might not find very flattering. But Randy also can never feel at home in a group or on a team. He prefers to work as a freelance Maximal for hire, willing to aid any Supreme Commander who may need his support.


Beast Wars Neo animation

Voice actor: Kōhei Kowada (Japanese)

Beast Wars Neo manga


  • Randy
Japanese ID number: C-34, VS-34
This figure is a redeco of Razorbeast, and suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome.

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