This article is about the Go-Bots character. For the Beast Wars Neo character, see Randy (BWN).
Randy is a character in the Go-Bots continuity.

Randy is a helpful Go-Bot.


Japanese Go-Bots Comic

While walking along, Randy encountered a sad cargo truck, who could not handle the rough, rock-strewn dirt road that ran alongside the forest. After hearing about his problem, Randy transformed into his steamroller mode and drove over the rough road, flattening it smooth. Soon, many trucks were driving comfortably across the newly smooth road, and the first truck happily thanked Randy while jumping for joy.

Rescue complete!


Rescue Hero Go-Bots

  • Randy (Basic Go-Bot)
Japanese ID number: GO-19
Released in 2003, Randy is essentially the Japanese version of Scrap-Bot. However, his hands are notably remolded from Scrap-Bot, an alteration which changes his vehicle mode from a bulldozer to a steamroller. This makes him unique, as aside from Roy no other Japanese Go-Bot featured remolding.
The original version of this mold was also used to make Strong-Bot (bulldozer) and Beck.

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