The name or term Ransack refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ransack (disambiguation).
Ransack is a Decepticon from the Universe series.
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Ransack seems to live to antagonize the Autobot builder Smokescreen. Whenever Smokescreen finishes a new building or installation or piece of art, Ransack is lurking not too far away in the shadows, waiting to demolish it. It's kind of petty, really.

Ransack's Mini-Con partner appears to be an alternate-universe incarnation of Refute.



  • Smokescreen with Liftor vs. Ransack with Refute (Battle in a Box, 2004)
Ransack is a redeco of the Armada Hoist mold, transforming into a heavy shovel-arm digging machine. He was slightly retooled so the plate on his shovel-arm was flat rather than having a molded faction sigil. His shovel-arm is locked until a Mini-Con is placed on the Powerlinx plug on the top, whihc activates a "punching" gimmick.
He was only available in a Battle in a Box multi-pack along with Smokescreen, Liftor and Refute. This set was only available in "market six" stores like Kohl's.
This mold was also used for Dinobot and Longrack.
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