Rapido is an Autobot from the Generation 2 section of the Generation One continuity family.
G1 Rapido cardart

He outranks you. He Out. Ranks. EVERYONE.

Rapido is a tactical genius. He believes a sharp mind is the most powerful weapon and proves it by masterminding horribly complex battle plans that come off flawlessly down to the last detail. Probably the most respected platoon commander the Autobots have, Rapido holds the highest rank possible in the Autobot Army; at one point in he even out-ranked Optimus Prime!

Rapido's platoon is sometimes known as the Axelerators.

Japanese name: Rapid Engine
Italian name: Sirius


Dreamwave comics continuity

Rapido (or somebody that looked like him) was among a crowd of unhappy Autobots who made Prowl look really stupid when the latter tried to make a speech. Skyfire


Generation One & 2

  • Rapido (Axelerator, 1993/1994)
    • Accessories: Engine-block rifle
G1G2 Rapido toys

Stick your chest...up!

Rapido transforms into a sports car of undetermined model. (It's possible he is an unproduced "concept" car.) His chrome-silver, rear-mounted engine block becomes his robot-mode blaster weapon.
He was initially released in the European market in 1993, during the "transitional" time when the Transformers toys took on the new Generation 2 sigils, but the packaging lacked the "Generation 2" line-name. He was slightly recolored for American release the same year, with the transparent pink plastic of his windows and lightpipe being replaced with a smokey grey plastic that was much harder to see through. He was released again in the UK in 1994 in G2 packaging, but the toy was identical to the original European-market release.
Rapido's toy is primarily distinguished by his head being too recessed actually to see over his robot mode chest.



Screw the block set. RELEASE THAT RAPIDO!

Rapido's mold was one of several intended to be used in the post-G2 Takara Block Town line. To be redecoed in black with blue robot parts, he was to come with the Gasoline Station Set, a building-block gas pump that could be rebuilt into a battle station of some form. This set ultimately never came to release (Note: Dammit!!!).

In 2005, a supposed Takara "release" schedule listed the Block Town sets among several other future items coming out. Only the Galaxy Force items on that list saw release, however (and some only as store exclusives to boot).

Since very little information exists on the line's more fictional aspects, it is unknown if this toy was to be the same general character Rapido, or a new character altogether.


  • Rapido is a Spanish word meaning rapid or fast.

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