The name or term Ratchet refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ratchet (disambiguation).
Ratchet is an Autobot from the Kre-O continuity.


Ratchet is a Transformer, has a Kreon's personality and is the best mechanic this side of Cybertron. An Autobot needs a new Plasma coil or Energon inducer? Well, that's going to cost 'em. Don't get him wrong, he loves those guys, but he is not running a charity here. His time and skills have some serious value.


  • Autobot Ratchet ($20 Kre-O set, 2011)
As usual, Ratchet transforms into an ambulance. His humanoid mode looks like his Generation 1 counterpart while his vehicle mode resembles his Transformers Animated counterpart.
He comes with a Kreon Ratchet and a medic.


  • His favourite pastime is combing intergalactic thrift shops for vintage Kre-O bricks.
  • His most prized possession is an Energon infused assembly schematic of Optimus Prime.
  • He is afraid of spiders.

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