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Ratchet Performs Surgery on Bulkhead

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A special on Ratchet repairing Bulkhead through surgery.


Bulkhead lays on a table while Ratchet repairs him as Sari stands in a cherry picker. He first asks for a laser scalpel, then a wrench, and a barrel of antifreeze. All of these materials are too heavy for Sari to carry to Ratchet. He then finishes by welding the incision made. Bulkhead wakes up to see a bunch of parts on top of a table. Ratchet sees it and panics. He takes them all in a tray and stuffs them in Bulkhead's mouth which he swallows. Ratchet then walks out as he whistles a very familiar song. Everyone looks at him then at each other as the video ends.


  • Written by: Uh...
  • Directed by: Er...
  • Animation company: Studio 4°C
  • Original airdate: N/A (The DVD containing this short was released on June 17, 2008)

Featured charactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Humans

Other NotesEdit

Transformers referencesEdit

  • The laser Scalpel used was similar to Prowl's ninja sword

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