Real Life—Transformers Style is a television show in the Keepers Trilogy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Real Life—Transformers Style is a reality TV series set in New Vegas.


A cast of 7 gorgeous 20-something live and work at the MGM Grand Casino where the Decepticons have made their headquarters for the restructuring of Las Vegas into New Vegas.

The show features obscene language (bleeped) full-frontal nudity (pixilated) and lots of casual sex. It was a ratings smash-hit.

Darren Norbert was the dealmaker behind the show. Plans for the boy band The High Rollahz (also one of Norbert's properties) to do a satellite concert for the series were derailed when the President of the United States pushed up the scheduled invasion of New Vegas.



Glynnis is infatuated with fellow cast member Jamal.


Kimberly also has her sights set on Jamal.


Bethann is the girl Jamal wants, but hasn't been able to get.


Jamal has been scandalously busy elsewhere. Implied to be risqué, probably his fellow male cast members.

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