Red Energon is a highly volatile form of Energon. Once purified, Red Energon can grant its user the power of hyperspeed.


Prime cartoon

A sample of Red Energon had been detected on Earth around the same time Smokesceen had arrived on Earth. Starscream found out and went to obtain it; using the power of the Apex Armor. New Recruit (episode)

Starscream was later able to refine the Red Energon crystal he had obtained into its liquid form. However, said crystal only provided two doses worth of liquid Energon. He used one dose in order to steal one of the Omega Keys from Smokescreen, just as he had obtained it. Hard Knocks The second dose he used in order to raid the Autobot's base and steal the remaining three Omega Keys. However, the effects of the Red Energon wore off as soon as he left the Autobot's base. Inside Job[[es:Energon Rojo]