Regeneration is the thirty-fourth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on April 19, 2003 on Cartoon Network.




While Red Alert carefully disassembles Smokescreen in hopes of saving his comrade, Optimus and the other Autobots explain to the kids the mechanics of Transformers' sparks. Red Alert reports that Smokescreen has a very strong chance of survival and then his own face distorts nonsensically. Hot Shot swears revenge against the Decepticons for the damage they did Smokescreen. In the Decepticons' base, Megatron enjoys having the power of the Requiem Blaster under his control. A grumpy Starscream then enters, resentful of his abandonment in the jungle. Thrust feigns concern, and Starscream punches Thrust into a wall. While Cyclonus and Demolishor are glad to see Thrust get what's coming to him, Megatron dismisses all his forces. Starscream and the Air Defense Team enjoy a repairing energy bath (hot!). Demolishor comes to retrieve the Mini-Cons. Starscream and Demolishor almost get into a confrontation, but Demolishor relinquishes his duty to Starscream. In private, Thrust and Megatron plot to get Starscream destroyed - although Megatron is too busy enjoying Thrust's compliments to figure out how clearly he's being manipulated. Starscream overhears the conspiracy and combines the Star Saber to take Thrust and Megatron down. The other Decepticons rush in to stop Starscream, so Starscream rushes to the teleport chamber. On his way out, Starscream proves that he can use the Star Saber to block the Requiem Blaster. Starscream flies to Earth. The Autobot sensors detect Starscream's presence in Earth's atmosphere. Hot Shot and Side Swipe rush out to fight Starscream. Tidal Wave, in pursuit of Starscream, switches his target to Hot Shot. Prime and Jetfire arrive to fight off Tidal Wave in their combined form, but they're unable to do any damage; luckily for them the simple minded giant is focused on attacking Starscream. Starscream then tosses the Star Saber to Jet Optimus, who uses it to slice off one of Tidal Wave's gun emplacements, and Tidal Wave retreats. Inside, Starscream explains his story to the Autobots. Hot Shot enthusiastically argues that it's wrong for them to offer refuge to Starscream - especially after Smokescreen was so severely injured. Hot Shot mentions that the Autobots have already been betrayed once by Sideways, so Scavenger points out that he too technically falls into the "betrayer" category. With votes of confidence from the kids and Mini-Cons, Optimus declares that Starscream will be allowed to stay. Outside, Hot Shot and Starscream formally have a showdown. Inside, the other Autobots debate who should be the one to tell the two mechs to stop their pointless grudge match, when Red Alert comes in to report that the operation was successful but a new body was needed. Hot Shot and Starscream continue to pound into each other. A new challenger interrupts the two by throwing some boulders. The new Transformer quickly takes down both Starscream and Hot Shot. When the new Autobot speaks, Hot Shot figures it out: it's Smokescreen in a new body. Smokescreen explains to both of the younger soldiers that being on the Autobots means just getting along. With data from Starscream, the Autobots are ready to lead an attack on the Decepticons. They gather in the warp gate. Next stop: the Moon.


In the episode


English dub changes



Hot Shot: Yea, great, let's go kick some Decepti-butts. Carlos: Yeah, go get 'em!
Billy: Yeah, it's payback time for Smokescreen!


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • After being shot down by Tidal Wave, Starscream is missing his left wing. Seconds later, it's attached again.
  • Prime says, "The Star Saber," in Tidal Wave's voice. It could be possible Tidal Wave happened to say, "The Star Saber," at the same time Prime was looking at it and moving his head, but it's not especially likely.

Continuity errors

  • When Demolishor and Wheeljack rush in, Starscream's null-beam cannons activate. However, Swindle is never seen powerlinking to Starscream for this (which he generally is) nor is Swindle ever seen again in the episode.

Real-world references

  • None known.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • So, Starscream's story arc is forced forward by Megatron betraying Starscream? That's like . . . bizarro-G1.








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