Regenesis is a secret project in the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Regenesis rockets

Oral fixation

The Regenesis Program was created by Shockwave to seed many planets with Energon-derived ores so that, in the distant future, he could harvest them.[1]

The Regenesis worlds were subject to an out-of-control geological reaction, becoming so rich in Energon that their environment was lethal to Transformers. Shockwave created Global Dampers to be injected into the planetary crust to regulate the reaction, and form the seeds of what would eventually become deposits of Ore-13 via Ice-9 transition. Spotlight: Shockwave

Note: The Dynobots stopped Shockwave before he could install the Global Dampers on any world but Earth. It is unknown whether Bludgeon continued the process when he took over Shockwave's research, but context suggests he did not. This may account for the instability of the Ore-13 gleaned from Earth.


  1. Shockwave began Regenesis 600,000 meta-cycles prior to the events of Spotlight: Shockwave

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