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Reckless Reptron raises a rompin' rowdy ruckus in a rural region.

Detailed synopsis

Reptron teleports high above an unidentified jungle, deciding that it would be a great place to "push [his] powers to the max!" He then proceeds to wander around aimlessly, knocking over trees and scaring an old farmer. He reaches a cliff with a waterfall, where two explorers are digging, and making plans to explore the nearby pyramid city the next day. His reckless behavior causes some landslides, sending floodwaters towards a nearby village.

At the Go-Bots' headquarters, our heroes detect the tremors Reptron is causing, and Aero-Bot takes Beast-Bot and Buzzer-Bot with him to solve the problem. One Go-Chutes launch later, they're in the jungle! Aero-Bot begins to build a dam to protect the village from the floodwaters, while Buzzer-Bot and Beast-Bot end up dealing with Reptron. The dino-bot dislodges a rock from the cliff, which threatens to crush the two explorers (who got trapped on an "island" in the floodwaters at some point). Beast-Bot in cat-form leaps in the way and bats it into the air for Buzzer-Bot to catch, who uses the boulder to plug the waterspout and stop more flooding. Aero-Bot continues work on the dam, now assisted by Buzzer-Bot. The floodwaters come, but are diverted safely away from the village.

Back near pyramid city, Reptron challenges Beast-Bot to a race through Jungle City to the statue in the middle. Beast-Bot accepts on the condition that if he wins, Reptron leaves Earth. The two run through the temples, dodging fireballs (yes, fireballs). Reptron uses a convenient log attached to the ceiling by a chain to cross a large pool of bubbling green liquid, but the chain snaps as Reptron reaches the other side safely. Beast-Bot runs on the wall to cross over instead. Hearing a cry for help behind him, Beast-Bot sees that Reptron has been snared in a net trap. As the temple begins to shake and crumble, Beast-Bot changes to gorilla form to rescue him. Slinging the netted 'bot over his shoulder, Beast-Bot races for the exit and the finish line.

Outside, Aero-Bot and Buzzer-Bot fly quickly, rebuilding the ruins that were collapsing. Beast-Bot announces the race a tie, but Reptron says Beast-Bot won. Aero-Bot and Buzzer-Bot give the humbled Reptron a speech about using his power responsibly, and the Go-Bot promises to return to Botropolis and train hard to become a Go-Bot protector. He teleports away, and everyone cheers as the day is saved!


Original airdate: Unknown

Production number: Unknown

Written by: Unknown

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Go-Bot Protectors Other Go-Bots Humans
  • Old farmer (2)
  • Explorer 1 (3)
  • Explorer 2 (4)

Notable quotes

"Not bad for a few minutes' work, eh Buzzer-Bot?"
"A few minutes of teamwork, you mean!"

-- Aero-Bot and Buzzer-Bot on a job well done

"Along with your power and skills comes great responsibility."

-- Buzzer-Bot channels Spider-Man

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Reptron knocks a tree down near the old farmer, it falls down twice.
  • Speed-Bot's face changes from the model he has in the other shorts to a really creepy-looking V-shaped mask-thing. This model is seen on the videotape cover for the first two episodes, but is only ever animated here.
  • Not really a glitch per se, but Beast-Bot's cat mode uses a different head model in this short as well, one that's less cuddly-adorable than the one seen in "Arctic Oil Spill".

Continuity errors

  • Buzzer-Bot sure got to the village ahead of the flood fast, didn't he?
  • After Beast-Bot crosses the acid(?) pit, he's somehow instantly ahead of Reptron, and when he turns to look back at the captured Go-Bot, the pit is nowhere to be seen.

Other errors

  • When the flood approaches the village, the old farmer leaps off the roof of a house in order to get away from it. Because in a flood, your top priority is to get off the high ground, you see.
  • Reptron's actions are blamed for nearly crumbling Jungle City. But his run through the pyramid seems less destructive than the colossal fireballs slamming into the walls as they run through them.


  • This is the only Go-Bots short where Buzzer-Bot is out in the field, and the only one where Speed-Bot isn't.
  • Unlike the previous shorts, this one and "Racer-Bot Road Rally" were never released on tape. In fact, they appear to have aired on TV in only the New York & Chicago areas, and only then twice, in March/April of 2005.
  • Because of this really limited release, when it was used as the opening "experiment" for 2006's MSTF presentation, it was likely the first time anyone in the audience who wasn't part of the writing crew had ever seen it or knew it existed.

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