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The Rescue Force drill is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

The Rescue Force drill is a member of Rescue Force, a team of search-and-rescue Autobots.

He like to play in the dirt!


Generation One

  • Rescue Force (Rescue Force, 1992)
The Rescue Force drill is a redeco of the Breastforce member Drillhorn, transforming into a multi-treaded drill tank. It lacks Drillhorn's partner-beastie Rhinobreast, but comes with a pair of drill-shaped blaster accessories, which can be mounted on his tank mode. It was available only in various European markets at the very end of the Generation One series.
The earlier versions of the drill have a blue robot-mode face, but later releases use silver. In addition, the blasters were originally molded in silver as well, but later changed to red. The blue-faced version only came with silver weapons, while the silver-faced version could come with either the silver or red blasters.
The drill has no official name, or even an individual identifier of any sort.

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