Trypticon decimates the Autobots, but Grimlock has more important concerns.


Prowl's team of Autobots scramble, overwhelmed by attacks from the talkative Trypticon. Prowl orders the Autobots to split up, but Trypticon is able to hunt his prey with his impressive arsenal. Prowl sends a desperate radio message for help to anyone who might hear it. But when Hound receives the message, he can only bring a few Autobot reinforcements.

The Dynobots receive this message and debate with their leader, Grimlock, over whether they should respond to it or not. Grimlock maintains that it's more important to investigate the affairs of Jetfire and Shockwave.

The two aforementioned brains meet together, and pool their available data. But before they can use it to find out the truth, the two come under attack from Bludgeon and his partners. Bludgeon uses dark science to disable Shockwave, and Jetfire's mind is locked into a trace by Mindwipe. The three start to take their bounty home, but as soon as they wonder where Grimlock is, the angry Dynobot gets the drop on them. Grimlock quickly disables the three. Jetfire thanks Grimlock for the rescue, but Grimlock attacks Jetfire too.

The rest of the Dynobots assist Prowl's Autobots against Trypticon. Eventually, all their skid plates are saved when the behemoth is summoned away.

Grimlock attacks Jetfire, who only dodges. Grimlock ignores any reasoning Jetfire spouts. Grimlock explains that it was he who summoned Trypticon away so he might save the Autobots. But before Grimlock can finish executing Jetfire, the Fallen arrives.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


  • When Jetfire asks Grimlock, "How did you -- ?", Grimlock responds, "Trade secret," but Jetfire is drawn answering instead of Grimlock.


"Let's face it. If I can snare a mind as analytical as Jetfire's...
Yours should only be protoform-play to contr-"
"Why everybody underestimate me?"

—Mindwipe gets his ass whipped by Grimlock

Items of note

  • Cameos: 2 unidentified Autobots reinforcements attacking Trypticon
  • The "Declarations of War" page has various pieces of fan-submitted artwork of characters in Cybertronian forms. The winner was Ansun Yan with a design for Ultra Magnus.
  • The "Wavelengths" section contains an article from the desk of Rob Ruffolo.



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