Revenge of the Space Pirates is the thirty-sixth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on January 06, 1999 on TV Tokyo.




As they look at the Nemesis through the monitor, Navi informs the Cybertrons about the danger of approaching the Nemesis. Suddenly, a dark shadow blocks out the Cybertron's view of the Nemesis. Out of the shadow appears....the Seacon pirate ship! Apparently having survived the encounter with the Nemesis, the ship attacks the Cybertron shuttle. The shuttle sustains damage and must land soon. The Cybertrons guide the shuttle to a nearby asteroid belt and crash lands the shuttle on a larger asteroid.

Lioconvoy leaves the ship to investigate the asteroid and finds that the Seacon ship has landed. As Lioconvoy approaches the ship, the Seacons appear from the ship and have the same purple glow to their eyes that Lio Jr had when he absorbed evil Angolmois Energy (see Episode 35). Lioconvoy tries to talk to the Seacons, reminding them of the peace agreement they struck before (see Episode 25). The Seacons start to attack Lioconvoy, while the rest of the Cybertrons view the scene from the ship. Lio Jr, Santon, and Skywarp leave the ship and soon arrive to help Lioconvoy in the battle. Skywarp deflects Scylle's energy kisses, while Santon takes on Coelagon. Meanwhile, Lio Jr has trouble against Terrormander. After an unsuccessful attempt by Halfshell to destroy Lioconvoy and Lio Jr, Magnaboss combines. In retaliation, the Seacons form God Neptune. As the two combiners begin to battle, the Nemesis approaches closer to Gaea's moon. Inside, Artemis and Moon begin to feel the Nemesis drawing closer.

As the battle between the combiners rages on, they draw their swords. Magnaboss releases an energy wave with his sword, while God Neptune swipes the ground with his sword and creates an energy wave. The two waves meet and cause a huge explosion. When the dust settles, Magnaboss has lost his sword. He goes to grab it, but God Neptune gets in the way. About the strike, Lioconvoy, Bighorn, Diver, and Tasmanian Kid pile on God Neptune in an attempt to stop him. God Neptune tries to fight off the Cybertrons and is almost successful until Scuba appears with the Tako-Tank from a nearby crater. The Tako-Tank jumps on God Neptune's back and holds his arms. Magnaboss then fires a giant Angolmois ball at God Neptune. The resulting explosion blasts God Neptune into his individual components, right after the Cybertrons jump off the giant.

As the Seacons awake from their Angolmois-influenced state, they converse with the Cybertrons. Bighorn goes to see if Scylle is ok, but Scylle ignores him when she realizes Scuba is probably around. Bighorn continues his sulking. However, all the discussion is somber. The Cybertrons do not have enough fuel left to reach the Nemesis. At the moon, Artemis has come to the same conclusion and begins to pray. Her prayers to the planet Gaea cause the super computer to activate and plot a slingshot path for the ship using the moon's gravity. Moon travels to the asteroid and contacts Lio Jr. He tells Lio Jr that the ship could crash into the moon if the boosters are activated at the wrong time. Lio Jr returns to the Cybertrons and informs them of Artemis and Moon's plan. They decide to take a chance and attempt it. The Cybertrons take off as the Seacons look on. Scylle mourns as she waves good-bye to Scuba.

As the Cybertron shuttle approaches the moon, Artemis continues to pray for Gaea's guidence. The Cybertrons wait for Lio Jr's word to start the boosters. As the shuttle approaches the moon, Lio Jr's link to Gaea allows him to establish contact with Artemis' spirit. Artemis suddenly tells Lio Jr that the time is right, and Lio Jr tells Apache to hit the booster. Apache turns on the boosters and the shuttle quickly slingshots around the moon. As the Cybertrons celebrate, Lioconvoy thanks Lio Jr. Next stop...the Nemesis!

Last Appearance: Coelagon, Hallshell, Scylle, Seaphantom, and Terrormander


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