The Omnicon fanboys are a trio of Autobots from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
E45 fanboys

Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

The rhyming Omnicon fanboys are trio of red-yellow-blue-colored junior Omnicons obsessed with Ironhide—yes, Ironhide. They think he is heroic and brave and smells nice (but in a manly way), and throw themselves at his feet, begging to serve under him.

This baffles pretty much everyone around them.

The trio seems to have one personality between them, even finishing one other's sentences—in rhyme. On the rare occasions that they speak individually, the blue fanboy serves as spokesman slightly more often, but this does not seem to reflect any actual internal ranking.

Ooh, Ironhide, you're so tough!
And buff!
"The Omega Train"

—And so rugged, he-he!, Red, blue and yellow


Energon cartoon

Blue—?Tony Sampson (English), ? (Japanese)
Red—?(English), ? (Japanese)
Yellow—? (English), ? (Japanese)

The three rhyming Omnicon fanboys were among Autobot holdouts working with Wing Saber below the surface of Cybertron to avoid the paralytic Energon Gas. While the others were delighted with Optimus Prime's arrival, believing he was there to rescue them (he wasn't), these three were more interested their idol Ironhide! When Ironhide leads a team of Omnicons to liberate the Medical Center they finagle their way onto the mission despite being, by human standards, quite underage. They panic when confronted by live fire, but Ironhide renews their confidence by encouraging them to "Fake it!" The Omega Train

The trio craft custom Team Ironhide faction symbols for everyone to wear, and are being taught the fine art of the g-rated marching song by the delighted Ironhide. They find the Medical Center under siege and liberate it by force, the trio wadding in with guns blazing and a surprising degree of competence. Their confidence inspires Ironhide, who breaks the Decepticon line with his burning, burning, burning heart of justice. Joining with the Medical Center's patients (Bulkhead, Downshift and Cliffjumper) Team Ironhide heads out to rescue the wounded Optimus Prime from Galvatron. Decepticon Army

Later Team Ironhide happens across Dr. Brian Jones, who has escaped his Decepticon captors, but also runs into Scorponok and a swarm of giant-sized Insecticons. Ignoring Ironhide's orders to stay back, the trio brazenly charges in to fight Scorponok themselves—and are instantly killed. And there was much rejoicing! Ironhide Team


  • The English dub of Energon certainly made some heavy changes to the trio. First of all, they don't rhyme in the Japanese version of the episodes. Second, they aren't Omnicons, they're simply normal Autobots. They are still raving fanboys, though.
  • Like so many generics, the fanboys are a "Frankensteining" of toy-character models. Their upper torsos appear to be largely those of Battle Ravage, their upper legs and helmets are modified from their idol Ironhide.


  • Red-Yellow-Blue is the color combination associated with three man Sentai and Power Ranger teams. This is not a coincidence.