The name or term Ricochet refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ricochet (disambiguation).
Ricochet is a Nebulan "double" Targetmaster partnered with Boomer and the Autobot Quickmix
Ricochet dt


His friends call Ricochet mercurial--to his face. Under their breath, they might mutter manic depressive. Ricochet shifts without notice between a furious passion for combat and sulking, angsty depression, needing to be coerced and cajoled onto the battlefield. His fellow Nebulan Boomer takes it on himself to cheer up Ricochet when this happens. Fortunately, he's good at this.

On Nebulos, Ricochet was a renowned environmental sculptor (think, "landscaping as a fine art") who witnessed the destruction of several of his famous sculptures by the Decepticons. Stung by the perceived insult, he signed up to join the Autobots.

Ricochet was bio-engineered to turn into an automatic sub-machine gun that fires titanium-tipped, armor-piercing explosive rounds. As a Nebulan Targetmaster partner, Ricochet is able to combine with Boomer to increase the power of his own weapon or boost the power of Boomer's sonic pulse cannon.

Ricochet responds poorly to criticism.

Quickmix always holds Ricochet in his right hand.


Marvel Comics continuity


AH, that's where the angst comes from

The Headmasters
Though Ricochet does not appear in the comic, the Terrorcons (and specifically Blot) are shown destroying several elaborately designed trees in the Nebulan city of Splendora. This could be the vandalism which caused Ricochet to join the Autobots.

Ricochet and Boomer were paired with Quickmix on Cybertron during a series of fuel raids with the recently revived Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee. When Galvatron attacked some months later, Ricochet, Boomer and the other Nebulan "double" Targetmasters were absent during their Autobot partners' fight with Galvatron.


Generation One

  • Quickmix with Boomer and Ricochet (Targetmaster, 1988)
G1 Quickmix toy

Booms and Ricos don't mix.

Ricochet, like all "double" Targetmasters, is one of the smallest and least complicated Transformers toys. Fold the barrel away, and stand him up, and can also combine with Boomer to form a rifle He was released with the Autobot Quickmix in 1988. No version of this character or mold was released in Japan.

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