Rimmer's Ooptician is a business in the Generation One continuity family.

Oops! Was that your eye?

Rimmer's Ooptician is an optician's office in Washington, D.C. It is located at the bottom of a four-story building, presumably situated below apartments. It does not appear to be far from the White House, and is across the street from Furman's Weight Watchers.

"Rimmer" either had a macabre sense of humor or hired incompetent sign painters.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

As a team of remote-controlled Insecticons rampaged through the greater Washington area, Rimmer's Ooptician was unfortunately in the path of their onslaught; the building next to them (evidently a McDonald's) was hit by a direct volley from the Insecticon Bombshell, although it looked like the shop's window glass had been broken prior to that attack. Possibly it had been vandalized and looted during the chaos. Plague of the Insecticons


  • This business was obviously a nod to Ian Rimmer, who at various times edited the UK comic and wrote both text and strip stories for same.

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