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Ripsnorter is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family.
Ripsnorter tms

Ghengis Kong

Ripsnorter is a psychotic killer model Decepticon. All muscle and no mercy, Ripsnorter's heavyweight physique is a sharp counterpoint to his lithe partner Switchblade.

Ripsnorter carries a thermo-laser blaster magnetically clamped to his right thigh.

Ripsnorter appears to have an animal altmode.


Marvel Comics UK continuityEdit

Prior to the Ark's launch, Ripsnorter was assigned to Fort Scyk.

He and his unit were sent to attack a Neutralist holdout in the nearby town of Yuss. They were ambushed by an Autobot infiltration unit.

When Switchblade was destroyed by an incendiary missile, the explosion (and the sharp, pointy shrapnel) engulfed Ripsnorter as well. The Magnificent Six!


  • The picture at right could actually be Pounder, but Ripsnorter had a gun and Pounder did not.

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