This article is about the Nintendo 3DS game version. For the console version, see Rise of the Dark Spark (console).

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is an video game, developed by Edge of Reality. The game is a crossover between the universe of movies and Aligned universe. The game should go on sale on June 24, 2014.


Rise of the Dark Spark Nintendo 3DS Screen 1

I Cliffjumper, "friend". DIE, SHITTY DECEPTICON!

The gameplay reminds The Transformers G1: Awakening - there is a flat map, broken into squares, which moves a set of characters. In battle mode uses three-dimensional graphics. The very battle takes place according to the following rules: each turn gain points that can be spent at one of seven different attacks, from requiring a small number of weak points receptions to supertak that need to accumulate points as few moves. You can also block the attack of the enemy.

During the fighting the characters gain experience, and at the increased level rise characteristics of the transformers. Also the characters have the ability to consider during battles.


Aligned Autobots Alignes Decepticons Movie Autobots Movie Decepticons Mercenaries Generation 1 Autobots Other



  • [[Cybertron (Prime universe)
  • Earth (Movie and G1 universes)


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