Road Caesar is the combined form of the Brainmasters:

making him a rare non-Scramble City style of combiner. Road Caesar is a warrior almost without compare; only Star Saber, Deathsaurus, and Liokaiser could be considered superior combatants. Unlike his predecessors, most of whom suffered from a limited intelligence when combined, Road Caesar is a perfect combination of his component members. Road Caesar shows the responsibility and skill of Blacker, the intelligence of Braver, and the guts of Laster. The child-bearing hips? They're Road Caesar's alone.


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Kôji Totani (Japan)

Road Caesar first appeared in the battle againist Leozack

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Victory manga


Generation One

  • Road Caesar (1989)
    • Japanese ID number: C-323
    • Component members/Accessories: Blacker (chestplate, gun and sword); Laster (right fist, gun and sword); Braver (left fist, gun and sword)

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