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This article is about the toy-bio character. For the rebuilt version of Inferno, see Inferno (Energon).

Roadblock is a gifted architect, having designed numerous Autobot fortresses such as Ocean City. That doesn't mean he can't fight with the best of them, however—particularly in the defense of his own creations.



  • Roadblock (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Accessories: Missile
SLInfernoVolt toy

Two guys for the price of one.

Like Generation One Grapple being a crane retool of Generation One Inferno, Roadblock is an extensive retool of Energon Inferno, replacing his front bumper, head, stabilizers and the entire "water cannon" structure with a new crane and cab. This assembly retains the spring-loaded missile launching gimmick from Inferno, and can be mounted on either robot-mode arm.

As a Deluxe Powerlinx combiner, Roadblock can form the top or bottom half of a super robot with any Deluxe or Mega-class Energon Autobot mold.

This toy also represents the upgraded version of Energon Inferno, and was sold as such in Japan.


  • With Roadblock, the apparent struggle between Hasbro's intentions and Takara's decisions came to a head. Numerous toys intended to be new characters had been turned into powered-up versions of existing characters when portrayed in the cartoon. And so it was with Roadblock, who was shown to be a rebuilt Inferno when he debuted in the cartoon. Hasbro had intended the toy to be a new character, however, and either did not have time to change his bio, or else decided to proceed as planned regardless. And so, Roadblock represents both Inferno and a new, separate character.

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