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At start


Jack and Miko wait for Bulkhead and Arcee, while talking about a concert. Bulkhead and Arcee discuss about the Energon mine, which was an abandon mine. Miko rushed into the mine Bulkhead follows. Arcee and Jack go in as well. Then Megatron and Starscream arrive.

Megatron and Starscream enter the abandon Decepticon Mine. Starscream says, "There's nothing left". Megatron wants to be indulged. Miko thinks an empty space could be used for rehersal and Bulkhead contacts Arcee and digs for Energon.

Megatron and Starscream enter a hollow space with three Decepticon drills, where Megatron explains he has become wise to Starscream's transgression. He almost terminates Starscream. Arcee and Jack enter as well and Arcee fights Megatron. Starscream abandons Megatron. A cave-in occurs on Megatron after Arcee shoots his arm. This effects Starscream, along Bulkhead and Miko.

Jack looks for Arcee. Miko and Bulkhead are safe, thanks to Bulkhead. Outside Starscream ponders on a would-be of a failure of a plan. Miko is running out of oxygen. Jack, after drilling, comes face-to-face with Megatron, who almost tempts Jack into murdering him. Jack walks off. Meanwhile, Miko keeps bang until she hears a noise, Bulkhead says ignore it. His arm is hurting. His arms are giving up. Elsewheree Jacks tries to use the Decepticons drill. Miko and Bulkhead hears. Bulkhead tries to get Miko to bang his foot. Then Starscream comes in and harasses Miko, only to get kicked by Bulkhead. He says he would love to see Miko fight him. Then the drill comes in and hits Starscream.

Jack and Miko run into a figure. As Starscream taunts Bulkhead, he is stopped by Arcee. The four heroes leave while Starscream is holding the roof of a cave as Megatron stares and ponders on to help or abandon Starscream.


(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


"How intriguing."
"Incompetent fools! This mining equipment should have been relocated. Why is it still here?"
"A most valid question."
"My apologizes, Master. I believe Soundwave was in charge of coordinating transport."
"But in fairness, during your interstellar travels, we all had to assume additional responsibilities. Clearly, mistakes were made."
"Yes. Clearly. (punches a wall of the cave, pulling out Energon) Every last trace of Energon extracted?"
"Lord Megatron, I can explain."
"Explain what? That you've been hoarding a supply of Energon for your personal use?" (drops the piece of Energon)
"No! Not exactly. You see--"
"(steps on the piece of Energon) DO NOT TAKE ME FOR A FOOL, STARSCREAM!! I have been wise to your transgressions from the beginning. Not only did you pluck the Dark Energon from my chest in a failed attempt to snuff my spark, but you tried to raise you own undead warrior with it. It's no secret that you lost an arm in the process, which you've since had replaced."
"You know about that?!"
"Soundwave is quite competant at surveillance, I can assure you. The fact is, Starscream, despite your treachery, I've allowed you to carry on this long because I took a certain delight in following your string of failures. But you've finally become tiresome, predictable. (points his fusion cannon at Starscream) You've hit rock bottom."
"Master, please! Give me one more chance! I beg of you!"

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