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Rockslide is a Mini-Con in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

A member of the Noble Force Mini-Con Team, Rockslide fights alongside the powerful Leobreaker and the Autobots to free the planet from the dragon Scourge's cruel grip.

Japanese name: Material (re-named and bio-ed by the Fan Club)



  • Material (Platinum Micron, 2005)
Material is a redeco of the Recon Mini-Con Team member Reverb, transforming into a pickup truck of undertermined model. It was a Japanese Toys 'R' Us exclusive, available on September 29th 2005 with the purchase of Metroplex. Reportedly, each store was limited to only 30 of each promotional Platinum Mini-Con.
The same mold is used by Plier.
Amusingly enough, though it is a Mini-Con "partner" to Leobreaker, Leobreaker cannot Powerlinx with the Platinum Mini-Cons, nor do they have weapon modes for him to use.

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