Rollarm Units are a type of Decepticlone from the Transformers (PS2) video game.


Rollin' rollin' rollin'.

The only Decepticlone type capable of transformation, Rollarm Units curl up into armoured spheres to cover large stretches of ground in a short amount of time. Their treaded wheel-surfaces deflect energy blasts with ease, making tackling them tricky. They are first encountered by the Autobots in Alaska, where, despite their bright color schemes, they are difficult to spot through the blinding snow.

Squads of Rollarm Units can be detached from Dropships (while in their wheel modes) when in mid-flight, allowing for rapid deployment.


Red Alert can't stop the rock.

A single Rollarm Unit can be a dangerous foe, both due to their resilience and their strong firepower; Rollarm Units attack by spraying out a large volley of laser blasts that can eat up both a shield Mini-Con attachment and an Autobot's health in an alarmingly short amount of time. In packs, as found on Megatron's Pacific island base, they can be utterly deadly.

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