Rumble is BLUE and a RHINO!

Whereas the old Rumble caused quakes by pounding the Earth with pile-drivers, this Rumble makes the Earth shake through stampeding! When Rumble charges, look out! He may not have pile-drivers, but he will pile-drive you all the same if you do not get out of his way! Only a massive force of power can stop Rumble's stampedes, and even if you do stop him, he will just get back up again!


When Soundwave came to Earth to retrieve the mysteriously revived Ravage, he unleashed Rumble along with Buzzsaw, Beastbox, and Ratbat to attack a group of humans who had also come to extract the robotic panther. Entering the scene by crashing through a pile of junk along with Beastbox, Rumble found himself knocked down by the efforts of a human using a strange, mechanical gauntlet. Despite the processor ache, Rumble got right back up and started another stampede. When Soundwave retreated so that he might attempt to spy on the group of humans, Rumble retreated along with the rest of Soundwave's forces.

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