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Rung is an Autobot who appears in the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Rung, as in ladder rung, because "all the good names are taken", is the Jung of the Cybertronian race. He has been the Autobot's Psychiatrist for Millions of years and all that time has fascinated his patients with the fact that he possesses actually emotive eyebrows.

The shrink has never been in frontline combat, but when he gets into a sticky situation, he wishes he had something more useful to hand than a microphone built into his thumb that is uses to record his sessions with patients. There aren't many Bots that Rung hasn't listened to the troubles of, his patients include: Red Alert, Whirl, and Fortress Maximus.

In his spare time, Rung collects scale models of historical Cybertronian spacecraft, all of which he has served on.


—He's like a historical constant - an observer. But never an active participant.


IDW Generation 1 continuity

More Than Meets The Eye

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Rung is one of the 200+ Cybertronians who side with Rodimus to search for the fabled Knights of Cybertron. He embarks The Lost Light along with his large collection of miniature replicas of Historical Cybertronian ships.


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  • Rung was first seen only in Name, signing the Personnel evaluations at the end of the Last Stand of The Wreckers comics.
  • His glasses are removable- who knew?
  • Supposedly has the brightest spark on the last light.
  • He can evidently survive being shot in the head
  • Has an "impressive" serial number of 1,000,000, indicating he's been around for a very long time
  • His alt mode, which appears to be nothing more than a giant stick, has been labeled "ornament" by the old functionalist regime, that is to say no one knows what the purpose of his alt-mode is or what it does; not even Rungs seems to know.
    • Wears a false wheel on his back (that turns into a segway!) to placate bots who would find his alt-mode uncomfortable and his lack of 'kibble' unsightly
  • Rung claims his "rival" is a long dead bot named Froid, which is a reference to the real life rivalry of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud
    • As it turns out, the "long dead" Froid isn't as dead as he seems, much to Rung's dismay