A running change is an alteration made to a toy in the middle of its production run such that two distinct (in some way, often quite minor) toys result, which are considered the "same toy" by the manufacturer, carrying the same wave identifier and (usually) the same internal product code.

Running changes to Transformers toys can range from a simple assembly tweak or a minor part retool to a full-blown redeco, though the latter example is much more rare nowadays (especially since it seems stores can't get enough Transformers product, making it easier to put out a redeco as a "new" product). Running changes may also apply to the packaging of the toys.


  • Transmetal Rattrap's neck-hinge was retooled to include a "catch" that keeps his head upright better in robot mode.
  • The original bone-tan and purple deco for Dinobot 2 was changed to bright white with blue.

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