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Meeting the Velocitron locals.
Geddy Lee does not appear.

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Extended SummaryEdit

Clocker and Brakedown receive some abuse from Ransack and Crumplezone. Hot Shot, forgetting that he's supposed to be undercover, transforms and comes to Brakedown and Clocker's aid. Even though he's under orders not to, Red Alert is forced to help Hot Shot. The two bullies Transform, but with amazing agility, Hot Shot tricks the goons into shooting each other. Humiliated, the aggressors retreat, giving Red Alert the time to make sure Brakedown isn't damaged.

After Clocker and Brakedown depart, Red Alert reminds Hot Shot about the importance of remaining incognito. As the discussion gets heated, Red Alert mentions the alien nature of the two Autobots, and is overheard by Clocker, who takes a fascination with the Transformers as any kid would.

On Earth, the three kids overhear Optimus and Jetfire discussing if it's crazy to send Hot Shot and Red Alert on a mission together. Jolt explains to the kids the difference between Red Alert and Hot Shot.

Back On Velocitron, Brakedown and Clocker come to understand the real purpose for Hot Shot and Red Alert's sudden appearance. Brakedown is readily willing to trust the two based on their previous examples of kindness. To Red Alert's frustration, Clocker is appointed to be the Autobot's aid in mixing with Velocitron culture.

Meanwhile, in Earth skies, Jetfire and Optimus have an aerial battle against Starscream. Overpowered, Starscream retreats. Jetfire returns to base, unaware that Thundercracker was trailing him, and has discovered the entrance to the Autobots' base. Thundercracker destroys the Autobot base's entrance with a single shot - but little does he know that he's actually destroyed a fake.

Clocker gives his new friends a basic description of the way things on Velocitron work. Hot Shot becomes fascinated by Clocker's description of Override. The three scale a mountain in hopes that the view will help them find Override.

Meanwhile, Override meets with Megatron, who enquires about the location of the Cyber Planet Key. He tries to convince her to surrender the key so he might defeat the "evil Autobots", but she's only interested in winning a race. Megatron accepts her challenge. Hot Shot, figuring the race relates to the Cyber Planet Key, joins the race at the last moment.

The three Transformers are almost evenly matched. Crumplezone fires on the two in the lead, hoping to give Megatron an advantage, but they only force Hot Shot out of first place, so Override wins. Victoryless, the Decepticons leave.

Override promises to race Hot Shot again. As she speeds into the distance, Red Alert mentions that he suspects Hot Shot is racing for the sake of his own ego. Hot Shot is offended by the accusation and leaves to go talk to Override.

Featured CharactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Ransack: Wow, this guy's good! He might actually give us a run for our money!
Crumplezone: I thought you said not to compliment the guys we fight.
Ransack: Zip it, Crumplezone.

Bud: Gee, thanks for reminding me, Optimus.
Jolt: You must get whiplash from changing moods so fast.


  • After finding the fake base, Starscream transforms into Thundercracker (while keeping his voice)...and stays that way.

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