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Safety is an Autobot from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Safety is a member of the Guard City team, the main force in the war against the invading Decepticon forces led by Scrash.

Presumably he's good at fixing up busted folks.


Operation Combination story pages

Safety is never shown as an individual robot, only as a component of the combined robot form of Guard City.

15 Go! Go! manga

Safety and Fly-Up rushed to the aid of an injured Teletraan 15, whose arm had been torn off (well, bitten off) by Galvatron. 15 Go! Go! #8, "Galvatron 2"


Operation Combination

  • Guard City (Multi-pack, 1992)
Japanese ID number: TF-04
Safety is a redeco of the original First Aid, transforming into a Toyota Van ambulance. He is almost identical to First Aid, but he has an orange chestplate. Since he uses the "Scramble City" style of combination, he can form the limb of any super robot combination, though his nominal placement is as the left leg of Guard City. He was only available as a part of the complete Guard City box set.

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