Salazar is a human in the live-action movie continuity family.

Damn you, Salazar! DAMN YOU, SALAZAAAARRR!

Cockier than even Agent Simmons, Agent Salazar was an operative of Sector 7 stationed at Hoover Dam. He had a promising future ahead of him, or so he thought.


The Reign of Starscream

Upon seeing N.B.E. 3 and learning the name the creature called itself, Salazar first checked to make sure his superiors were otherwise occupied, and then revealed his pet project, L.M.-1, hoping to open negotiations with the extraterrestrial. Though Starscream was impressed when the vehicle Salazar showed him began to transform, he quickly became less than patient when it shorted out. Snatching up Salazar, Starscream grilled the human for answers. When Salazar could not provide them quite so readily, Starscream took the better part of valor and fled the incoming fighter jets for the relative comforts of space. Unfortunately the alien's cockpit proved to be nowhere near airtight nor pressurized, a fact which proved rather unfortunate for the Agent. The Reign of Starscream #2


...Starscream's gonna need some disinfectant.