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Sarah Lennox is a human in the Movie continuity family.

Sarah Lennox is the wife of William Lennox and the mother of his newly born daughter.


Transformers (film) movie

Actor: Samantha Smith

After returning from a mission behind enemy lines, Captain Lennox talked to his wife via video. He was able to look at his new born daughter, to which Sarah replied that she had Will's laugh. When he inquired if it wasn't just gas, Sarah replied that their daughter was a lady. Unfortunately, the call was interrupted due to mysterious interference. Lennox was just barely able to tell Sarah he loved her and that he would be home soon.

Later that evening, however, Sarah was watching television, where Defense Secretary John Keller said that SOCCENT Forward Operations Base was attacked by unknown hostiles, and that there were no confirmed survivors. Though fearing the worst, Sarah assured her daughter that her daddy was okay.

After the Battle of Mission City, Lennox was given a ride home by some truck, and reunited with Sarah and their daughter. Transformers (film)

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