This article is about the Classics-series Mutant. For the Beast Era Predacon, see Sawtooth (Predacon).
Sawtooth is a Mutant from the Classics portion of the Generation One continuity family.


Sawtooth is a nasty piece of work. This massive, cannibalistic freak chops up his meals with the massive, serrated grinder he has in place of a jaw, which also imparts him with his characteristic speech impediment. Luckily for his prey, he's overconfident—fatally so.

"The New World"

—Aww, ain't that conffiderate, I'm gonna need a tooffpick..., Sawtooth mocks Broadside's cannon barrel just before it blows his fool head off


Marvel Comics continuity


Sawtooth and his cohorts, Guttersnipe and Meathook, came across the Mini-Con Broadside in their underground domain. Sawtooth made clear his intent to devour the tiny Transformer, but Broadside objected quite forcefully, blowing up the Mutant's head. The New World


  • Sawtooth's body—with its tank-like lower half and lantern "jaw"—is generally modeled after the "Guts Dozer" boss from the old NES video game Mega Man 2.

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