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This article is about the Beast Era Predacon. For Classics Mutant, see Sawtooth (Mutant).
Sawtooth is a Predacon from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Sawtooth is a stereotypical little punk, fond of talking a lot bigger than he is and starting fights whenever possible.



Sawtooth and his comrade Bolar were stationed at a Predacon base under the interrogator Steelgrave. When the Maximal prisoner Wing Saber made her escape from the facility, she created a diversion by provoking a fight between Sawtooth and Bolar and their commander. Steelgrave survived the fight; whether or not Sawtooth did is unknown. The Razor's Edge


  • Sawtooth's name and physical description are based on those of Sawtooth, a member of the evil Destructors in the 1980s Tomy toyline Starriors. He was not given a name in the story itself, but author Ben Yee confirms his identity.

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